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Give it a try and PROFIT

Recover your Investment and PROFIT INSTANTLY

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Seriously, this is somewhat far better than that Profitclicking thingy. Paid instantly without requesting or waiting. Just invest and get paid everyday..if you hate to invest like me, than promote it. If you hate promoting it, just invest. Simply like that.

This is how it work:
say if you invest 100 right now you will get 12% of it i.e 12$ instantly in your payment processor 

and tomorrow when you start to surf again before surfing ou have to upgrade 50% of your daily earning 6$

but since there is no minimum upgrade below 6$ u have to upgrade at least 12$

i started with a bigger amount about 500$

12% from your investment everyday.. 12% profit.

Bye Bye Profitclicking and welcome MoneyMakerSurf.


I'm here once again to give my conclusion on the investment website called Money Maker Surf!

I will say this its really a Money Maker! I just tried it for a couple of days if they are saying the truth about paying once you have surf 8 sites per day, and believe or not its true the image with this blog is my proof. The server restarts every 3 PM Philippines, Manila Time and you would be able to surf 8 sites once again and earn your 12% of your payment from their site.

Here is the basic math about the site:
Lets same you invested 12$:
1. You would get 12% of 12$ which is: 1.44$
2. 1.44$ x 12days(which is the number of days of the upgrade): 17.48$ - this would be the outcome of your 12$ :)
3. Just reinvest the 12$ and get more money!

So now I'm planning on investing 96$ to avoid the 50/50 rule:
1. 12% of 96$: 11.52$
2. 11.52$ x 12days: 138.24$
3. Lets say you would reinvest the 96$ again so 138.24$ - 96$ = 42.24$
4. So you will just keep the 42.24 Dollars and reinvest the 96$ and you earned it just for 12days!

Not bad right? Well I'll be keeping my eye on this site and would invest 96$ like what I said after receiving my payment from Bubblews if I'll be able to receive it this coming friday, by the way here is thelink:


Money Maker Surf.net is a hyip with manual surf,
that it's buy one or more memberships of $12, $24, $36, etc...
inversion mode and each day after seeing 8 sites in the surf
You will charge a 12% of the value of your membership instantly
in your account Egopay, SolidTrust Pay or Liberty reserve for 12 days.

If you don't want to spend anything, then you can earn money for referrals you earn.
Earns 12% of what you invest your direct referrals.

In addition, as a free user, you are entitled to place 1 link for that
appears in the surf and so obtain visits and/or referred to in other businesses.
As a user of payment you are entitled to 5 links.

To make your sites look in the surf are required credits
which you can get in several ways:

Buying packages of visits.
Viewing sites in the surf.
For sites that see your referrals.
Visits to your referral link.

In addition, there is a zone of advertising where you can buy
credits, referrals, advertising, etc...


Moneymakersurf is all about the number 12 (twelve)! You earn 12% per day for 12 days when you surf 8 member websites per day from the surf bar.
  • 144% return for surfing.
  • You MUST surf to get paid everyday.
  • Surf payouts are instant for PAID members ONLY.
  • Free members will earn to account balance.
  • Minimum upgrade amount is $12.00
  • Max membership level $12,000
Money maker surf Payouts are retroactive. This means you can upgrade as much as you like and you will be paid the days earnings after your upgrade has been completed. You can have upgrades from EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and LibertyReserve in any amount not to exceed $12,000

Moneymakersurf Referral Earnings

Money maker surf free and paid members get instant payouts for their referral’s upgrades. Remember to setup all pay accounts for referral earnings. If a user upgrades using Liberty reserve you will get payout to Liberty reserve instant. If you do not have your info setup payments will go into account balance.

Why we like Moneymakersurf

The site and program is based on your standard surf to earn model making it comparable to other programs in this category. The admins for these types of programs usually run a tight ship when it comes to payouts and any problems with missing shares, payment processor issues etc. they tend to sort out quick, because it’s critical seeing that it’s an instant payout program. As with any of these money surf programs they would last as long as the admin continues to pay.
Moneymakersurf is very new with an experienced admin, so best strategy to get in early, place some funds, surf and withdraw your initial funds and continue building with your profits. The 12 x 12 formula makes it a nice clean 144% amount in less than two weeks – making it a fairly reasonable risk.


We think you will enjoy the rewards of surfing.
Payments are paid INSTANT within seconds of surfing.

How would you like to get paid everyday instant without hassles? 
At MMS we don't think member should have to wait to get paid.
We also do not require you to make a purchase before getting your payouts.
If you are new to surfing please take a minute to look around.
We offer what surfers and business need to make money without any problems.
You signup, purchase a membership, surf and GET PAID instant and automatic. The membership pak includes the right to display in our surf bar 5 sites.
No need to wait for ADMIN's to pay or payout excuses like the other sites.
12% for 12 days paid instant no excuses !

Advertisers we have both manual surfing to provide targeted live people for your ads.Don't want to spend a dime? We have a way for you to make money with instant payouts also ! Did you know that we pay 3 levels down for referrals all automatic and instant ! No purchase required !Signup now and we will start you out as a free member earning instant referral payments. FREE ! You have nothing to lose. Give it a try and signup for free NOW!

Daily Surf Earnings
We pay you 12% of your membership level to surf 8 sites for 12 days giving you a 144% return for surfing. You MUST surf to get paid everyday. Surf payouts are instant for PAID members ONLY Free members will earn to account balance. Max membership level $12,000.

Referral Earnings
We give both free and paid members instant payouts for their referral's upgrades. Remember to setup all pay accounts for referral earnings. If a user upgrades using Solid Trust Pay you will get payout to Solid Trust Pay instantly. If you do not have your info setup payments will go into account balance. We do not allow SPAMMERS or cheaters !

Now is your chance to see what its like to make up to $1440.00 a day !Just for surfing and earnin credits everyday, and no worries about getting paid cause its allautomatic and instant. We payback to the account the upgrade was purchased with to avoid fraud and hackers.So no need to worry about getting your account hacked.

Signup now and start earning instant payments !

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